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ETS distribute, hire and service a wide variety of cable preparation, termination, cutting and installation tooling from World-renowned manufacturers.

All our tools are available for purchase and a vast number of our tools are available for hire. For more information on our hire fleet, please visit our tool hire section.

Cembre Crimping Tools

Cembre Hand Crimping Tools

Cembre Ratchet and Mechanical Crimping Tools

We have a range of ratchet controlled and mechanical hand-crimping tools available for purchase.

Suitable for smaller cable sizes, vinyl-insulated and cord end terminations between 0.5mm2 and 25mm2.  Mechanical crimpers available for 6mm2 to 120mm2.

The Cembre range of ratchet and mechanical hand tools can be supplied with an individual calibration certificate if required. Please ask for one when ordering. 


Cembre Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Cembre Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Hydraulic, hand held crimping tools designed for use with various die sets for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage cables and C-Tap connectors.

Cembre Hydraulic crimpers offer ease of portability and are rugged and compact in use. 

Suitable for a range of un-insulated and pre-insulated lugs and splices between 10mm2 and 400mm2.

Full range of compatible Cembre die sets are available here.

Cembre Hydraulic Crimping Heads

Cembre Hydraulic Crimping Heads

Cembre crimp heads are available with die sets for use on cables and splices up to 1200mm2. These hydraulic crimping heads can be used with various power units including the Cembre PO7000 footpump or Cembre B70M-P24 battery powered pump, dependant on your preference. 

Heads are available with removable die-holders when installing cable splices when jointing. 

Cembre Hydraulic Pump Units

Cembre Hydraulic Pump Units

Cembre Pump Units

Various foot and battery operated hydraulic pumps are available dependant on your requirements. 

The standard unit being the Cembre PO7000 footpump, however we also offer the highly-portable Cembre B70M-P24 battery powered electro-hyraulic pump, as well as 110v and 240v electro-hydraulic units. 

Cembre Battery Powered Crimping Tools

Cembre Battery Crimpers

Cembre Battery Crimpers

Battery operated crimping tools are becoming increasingly popular with cable jointers and installers, due to their functionality and easy of use. 

The 14.4v Cembre battery-powered cable crimping range includes tools which accept die sets up to 185mm2 (Cembre B51), 400mm2 (Cembre B131-C and Cembre B131-UC).

All battery crimpers are supplied with protective case, spare battery and charger.

Cembre Cutting Tools

Cembre Core Cutters

Cembre Core Cutters

Cembre have a range of ratchet and mechanical hand operated cable core cutters for use when terminating or jointing cables. Suitable for use on copper and aluminium cores (Not suitable for cutting armoured cable). 


Cembre Hydraulic Cable Cutters

Cembre Hydraulic Cable Cutters

For more rugged cable cutting needs, Cembre hydraulic cutters are suitable for SWA and multi-core power cables. 

Two types of hydraulic cable cutters are available, the Cembre HTTC0851 handheld crimper or the TC 120 cutting head.

The TC 120 cutting head is suitable with various power united including the PO7000 foot pump or B70M-P24 battery powered pump.

Cembre Battery Cable Cutters

Cembre Battery Cable Cutters

The cordless battery powered Cembre B-TC051 is suitable for cutting aluminium, copper or telecommunication cables up to 50mm diameter.

Light weight with minimal vibration, the 14.4v B-TC051 can be operated single-handed. 

Not suitable for cutting SWA cables.

Cable Handling Tools and Equipment

Cable Handling Equipment

Cable Installation Equipment

We have a full range of cable handling equipment and tools to aid in cable pulling and installation. 

Featuring a range of cable drum jacks, both screw and hydraulic versions. Cable rollers to aid the installation and handling of cables on site, featuring a variety of roller types to suit all cable pulling needs into ducts and corners etc. 

Galvanised steel wire cable stockings and conduit draw rods also available.

Jointers Tools

Cable Jointing Tools

Cable Jointing Tools

We've got a vast range of cable jointers tool available from stock. 

Suitable for a range of jointing and terminating applications, our joint tooling range includes plastic core twisters, wedges and spreaders

A range of PRIMUS gas torches and heat guns are also available. 

Cable Preparation Tools

Cable Stripping Tools

MV Cable Stripping and Preparation Tools

Medium Voltage preparation tools available from GBZ Mannheim, Ripley and Prysmian, our cable tools represent the finest quality tools currently available in the market. 

Our range features screen and insulation removal tools as well as cable scoring tools.

Tool Hire Fleet

Cable Tool Hire

Cable Tooling For Hire

We have an extensive hire fleet available, encompassing a range of hydraulic cable cutters, crimpers and preparation tooling. 

With both short-term and long-term hire plans available, offering a cheaper alternative than buying a tool outright. 

All hydraulic crimpers and cutters are supplied fully maintained and with full calibration certification. 

Please contact our Tooling Department for more information. 

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